Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Progress Report!

Ok...thirty days have come and gone, but we've had a Family Meeting and decided we need to keep this going! Here are pics of our freezers NOW (today 7/8/09) and they honestly are still RIDONKULOUSLY full!



Stuff isn't falling out with the force that it used to...but I still am finding stuff in there I had no idea that we had that is still considered "edible".

We have purchased NOTHING NEW that requires freezing (HONEST!) and the only thing I've added to the big freezer is the orange container which holds the rest of the batch of Brunswick Stew I made a few weeks ago.

SO...stay tuned and we'll see how far we can ride this thing out! Findings may become more interesting!

***Note to Vikki and any other interested will notice that the Jim Beam is now gone...our friend Rob (that drinks it) was here last Saturday and finished it off. I should have gotten a pic of the hilarity that ensued when we all did Wii Hula Hoop!


  1. Omg you guys barely made a dent!! That is nuts!

    Have you tried sorting through to see what should be tossed? (i don't know if you have done that yet...)

  2. Oh god yes...Kevin and I have "reconnoitering sessions" where we take everything out, toss anything old or freezer burned and then put it all back. THIS is the result of what was left after we put it all back.

    I was starting to worry that a team was going to show up at my door from one of those "hoarding" shows!

  3. Oh wow! No more grocery shopping for you!! :)

    You should throw a 'party' to get rid of some of that stuff! haha

  4. You've barely made a dent! Wow, you've gotta keep it going! :) And I've gotta much money are you thinking that you're saving?