Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 23

Ok...I'm not terribly proud of this entry....but we ARE cleaning out the freezer. There are some nights that just scream out "BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!"
This is Kevin's plate...
Bacon and whole grain english muffins are the freezer items.
He and Holden couldn't decide between sunny side up (runny) eggs or I made both. I grated up some redskin potatoes and made some quick potato pancakes. Holden made a GORGEOUS fruit salad (that got eaten before I could get a pic!) out of blueberries, blackberries (picked fresh yesterday), strawberries, peach, apple and he made a dressing of nonfat greek yogurt, honey substitute, nutmeg and lemon juice. Perfect balance to this breakfast/dinner (and I got a "two-fer" out of the freezer game and got rid of bacon AND a partial package of English muffins!)


  1. I can't believe you aren't proud of this entry?! It looks YUMM!

  2. I love bacon more than anything else in the world! Next time you have to clean the freezer out and you have bacon, call me and I will take it all off your hands.

    Stubby xoxo

  3. Why aren't you proud of this entry??! I think it looks fabulously delicious! Mmm...bacon!!! And Holden sounds like quite the little chef. Is he considering culinary school as a career?

  4. I'm not proud because my dietician would have three heart attacks if she saw what I made for dinner! NO green veg and enough fat to keep whatever drug company makes Lipitor in the black for YEARS!

  5. Oh no wait...I did chop up 2 green onions for the potato pancakes for the boys!

    I guess that counts for something.

  6. oh my gosh!
    what a wonderful meal and holden's fruit salad sounds like a work of art!

  7. Dad wants to know what's wrong with Breakfast for dinner?