Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 29

Monday...I have an exercise class, so I kind of do my own thing for dinner after class, so I left the boys in charge with tonight's freezer items....

CUBESTEAKS! Here are four of them breaded with some seasoned flour along with a bag of stir fry veg (I helped with this step and then had to scoot to class).
I understand that Holden browned them in a touch of olive oil and then I instructed him to deglaze the pan with a slosh of Madiera wine (under the supervision of Kevin of course!) and finish that with a spoonful of capers. I don't think Holden was a fan of the sauce...his cubesteak looks like it was kind of nekkid.

I'll bet he and Kevin plopped them on the buns and ate them like burgers!


  1. Your boys are so good! Left to his own kitchen expertise, my husband's delicacy is le' fro-zenn pizaaa!

  2. oh that looks yummy!
    i bet your freezer looks so much emptier. do you have more than 30 days of inventory?
    this is so fun!

  3. Laura - What could possibly be left in your freezer? I think it's time to go shopping and while you're at it, pick up some of my favorite things in the whole world - meat!

    Stubby xoxo

  4. I love cube steaks...but I admit I fix them a little differently...probally more like what people think of as "chicken fried steak" and my breading is ground up saltine crackers.