Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 36

Monday. I made Greek style green beans (green beans steamed and then sauteed with some onion, diced tomato and some Cavenders Greek Seasoning (BEST storebought seasoning blend EVER!)
Paired up with some Boca "chicken" (not really chicken) patties.
Not exciting, but those BEANS are SOOOOOOOO almost don't need anything else with them!


  1. The green beans look yummalicious, but...I'm not sure about the "chicken" patty. Why not just actually have chicken?

  2. The Bocas just take a minute to zap in the nuker...and I didn't take out any chicken to defrost.

    I must also add that THIS was Kevin's dinner...I wasn't home, so he was on his own! I made the beans before I left and he stuck the Boca in.

    They're actually really good. I personally eat a lot of soy protein and these are prefect for me!

  3. I have been tempted to try Boca products for a long time, as I am not a huge meat lover... I guess I am just scared! I need to just bite the bullet, I guess!

  4. Interesting.

    I have never had green beans this way... I usually boil them, add a bit of becel and then a few roasted garlic and red pepper flakes. (now that is a great seasoning!! lol)

  5. hi laura!
    oooo! we just got caught up on all of your wonderful meals!
    how delicious!