Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 8

Ok...tonight's lucky winner of the Freezer Game was a container of homemade, healthy-ish broccoli cheese soup. I realize it looks like baby vomit in this picture, but I promise's actually really good!
Holden and I made it a few weeks ago and were surprised at what a HUGE batch we wound up it was sent to the freezer.

Kevin's is on the right paired up with the big ol' roast beef sammich. Mine is on the left...a salad with some chopped roast beef (we got a big tub of it at Sam's Club yesterday because it looked really good!)
Please note the classic garnish for almost any soup...cheddar Goldfish crackers!


  1. Hi Laura - I don't really like soup, but that roast beef sammich looks delicious! I can't believe you guys went to Sam's Club and bought more meat. I thought the idea was to not buy any until the freezer project was complete.

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Yeah, we stood there at Sam's like a couple of fools debating that very point. We decided it was ok because Kevin likes to take sandwiches for lunch and we were OUT of anything lunchmeat related.
    We kind of decided that DINNER was the focus of the project, so we figured it was least that was our excuse (well, that and it was $6.88 for almost 2 pounds of it!)

  3. Hi Laura!
    oh that looks so good! i love the soup cups too!
    m & e

  4. Looks tastey! Laura, you eat so healthy!

  5. Laura, honey......goldfish crackers are the BOMB, I tell ya what! When mom was sick last month, she was layin' on the couch all feak and weeble, and I took those fish right outta her hand!