Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 4

Yep...pork chops and applesauuuuce (say that like Peter Brady)!

I found a frozen clump of pork chops in the back of the freezer and decided to try the Alton Brown molasses/coffe marinade (which was AMAZING, even though I only used about half of the molasses it called for).

I had some Granny Smith apples that weren't being eaten, so I peeled and chunked a few up and glugged in some Diet Vernors and left it to simmer on low for about an hour until it made applesauce.

I made a quickie batch of spaetzle (noodles) for Kevin, plated up a couple o'salads and it was chowtime!


  1. Laura - This dinner looks delicious! I don't know who Peter Brady and Alton Brown are but I love pork chops. Maybe I will ask for them for dinner tonight. Thanks for the idea!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. oh my gosh!
    we want in on your cooking! you are amazing!
    i'm tellin' ya... food tv!

  3. You MADE applesauce? You are a domestic goddess! (posted by Harry's Mom)

  4. I saw that Good Eats when Alton made the pork chops! He also made his own brown sugar using molasses...I bet you do that too ;-)

  5. Ok, just had to share...the verification "word" was "undish" Tee hee :-D