Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 2

(Day 2)

Found some yummy New York strip steaks! MMMMM
Threw them on the grill for 3 minutes per side (could have been ok with 2). Grilled up some thinly sliced redskin potatoes with onions and chives in a foil pouch for Kevin (potatoes and I are NOT friends!) and sauteed up some leftover mushrooms, onions and peppers with a little red wine to top the steaks.
Caesar salad (homemade dressing...MUCH healthier than the bottled crap) with shaved parm and homemade croutons.

I should mention that I'm happy to share recipes if anyone is interested in anything!


  1. Laura - I'm taking Mom's car and driving back down to Indy. I'll tell Mom that you need my help with the 'freezer experiment'. She can live without me for a little while, so tell the S-Dog to get ready, because I'm leaving right now!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. hi laura!
    oh this could be a cookbook too! it is fun to make them on lulu.com or shutterfly.com.


  3. Count me in for wanting the homemade caesar dressing recipe! (Except I am really freaked out to work with anchovies....)

  4. It's easy...you just use anchovy paste (sold in a tube like toothpaste!)

    I'm emailing the recipe to you right now!!!

    Enjoy...it's yummy and I even shared it with my dietician who passed it along in our monthly Bariatric news letter (so it's "healthy" approved!)

    Good luck!