Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 5

I was sick of grilling whatever I found, so I decided to change gears and make BRUNSWICK STEW today!

I'd never heard of this stuff until Kevin took me "home" to South Carolina and they served this as a side dish practically EVERYWHERE you went! It's a nice comforting stew traditionally made with rabbit ( wouldn't have surprised me, but I didn't see any bunny in either freezer, so we used chicken), tomatoes, lima beans and corn. It's seasoned up with bay leaf, garlic and a touch of cayenne pepper.

Here is the lineup...

Frozen brick o'chicken

frozen lima beans and "Cajun" mirepoix mix (celery, onion, green pepper)...aka "The Trinity"
I used frozen corn too...but forgot to add it in the get the idea.

Here it is all simmery and yummy!

...and here is one happy "Southern Boy" with a yummy taste of home!


  1. Laura - I love the picture of the 'Southern Boy' chowing down his stew! The stew looks very yummy to me and if I was there, I know you'd offer me a bowl (or two). Too bad my buddy Salinger can't have any, but soon he will be back to his regular food.

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Interesting lol.. I once made a tortilla soup that looked like that :)